Steel Flow Electromagnetic (SFEM) is committed to being a professional and efficient engineering numerical technology research institute, providing more sophisticated product design and physics analysis beyond CAD, and adopting independent research and development computing platform to enhance enterprise innovation, relying on years of engineering experience to help solve the actual situation of customers Engineering issues, the company focuses on:

1 High-quality mathematical modeling and scientific calculations

2 Online large-scale numerical calculation and engineering application

3 Experimental and mathematical analysis in the industrial fields

4 Independently controllable CAE platform and customized software

Steel Flow Electromagnetic (SFEM) is based on mathematical models, fluids, electromagnetics, heat and mass transfer, structure, materials and other disciplines to provide customers with engineering calculations, simulations and optimization design tools needed in the process of industrial research and development, mainly including :

1 Provide engineering numerical calculation consulting services

2 Provide customized model calculation research and development tools

3 Industrial design, new product development

4 Provide data file processing software to improve customer work efficiency

5 Development of industrial automation control program based on numerical calculation

6 Real-time automated control that relies on large-scale numerical calculations

7 Integration and customization of experimental bench

8 Experiment Service

9 Training services