Welcome to Steelflow Electromagnetic Technology Ltd.

Steel Flow Electromagnetic (SFEM) uses mathematical models to help customers solve practical engineering problems. The company has decades of experience in engineering numerical simulation. Its business scope covers a variety of application fields such as metallurgical industry, electric power, aerospace, nuclear industry, impeller machinery and ship building industry, with significant benefits  (see case studies). 

The company's technical team is consisted of experts in numerical algorithms, numerical programming and commercial software applications; the company's core technology concentrates in CFD, electromagnetic calculations, heat and mass transfer, material analysis, multi-physics coupling calculations and numerical algorithms. We help our customers to build reliable mathematical models, and then train them with customized auxiliary design optimization tools. Our deliverables help our customers to increase the predictability and reliability of products or solutions in the process of product development and program demonstration, to reduce decision-making risks, and to accelerate research and development cycle with lowered costs. Steel Flow Electromagnetic provides unique numerical calculation consulting services, especially in the field of developing software tools for those engineering problems that cannot be solved by current commercial software on the market.


SFEM is working shoulder on shoulder with our customers in those industrial corporations and scientific research institutes that require industrial design and product optimization through numerical simulation. As of 2020, we have served many leading research and industrial customers in China, including Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing Mining and Metallurgical Technology Group, Central Iron and Steel Research Institute, China Aerospace Science and Industry Institute, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Guangzhou Guangzhong Group, and China Ministry of Transportation, as well as Research Institute of Water Transport, the Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, China Railway Design Group, China Water Resources and Hydropower Research Institute, The Institute of State Grid, and Baotou Steel Group. All our customers have already received significant value-add from our services.