Our company has been recruiting interns for a long time, aiming to provide college students with opportunities for rapid growth and development. During the internship process, not only industry experts will lead and participate in important projects of the company as mentors, but also professional knowledge training will be provided to improve comprehensive skills of the interns. In recent years, our company has successfully trained dozens of students, most of them from prestigous universities at home and abroad, such as Tsinghua, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beihang University, Nankai University etc., and overseas universities such as Cambridge, UCL, Leeds, UCLA in the United States, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Eastern University in Paris, etc.


After internship training, most of the students were hired by famous domestic research institutes, such as The Academy of Aerospace, to start their research career. Also, some were hired by many well-known companies such as COMAC, Hangfa, Midea, Xiaomi and so on. Others choose to continue their study at prestigious universities at home and abroad for Ph.D. degrees.

The internship training inclues:
1. Engineering calculation consulting, solving real engineering problems
2. Mathematical models and optimization algorithms in engineering problems
3. Study the numerical algorithm of the finite element model
4. Research on mathematical models for calculating electromagnetics/computing fluids/computing heat transfer
5. Research mathematical models such as solid mechanics/aerodynamics
6. Develop Fortran large-scale numerical calculation software
7. Use commercial software to solve customer problems

Internship requirements:
1. Master's degree, Ph.D. candidate, mathematical physics, computational mathematics, applied mathematics, computational physics, computational fluids, machinery, aerospace, energy and power and other related majors
2. Have a strong interest in programming, mastering at least one programming language among Python C/C++ or Fortran
3. Able to read and understand English technical materials proficiently
4. Solid foundation in classical mathematics, advanced mathematics, and mathematical analysis. Also, a certain degree of proficiency
In vector calculus is a plus.
5. Have good communication skills and strong logical thinking skills
6. Be a good team player

Finally, Excellent interns will be given the opportunities to work in our company to advance their careers.

Our company also cooperates with foreign universities to provide opportunities for graduate students who have internship requirements before graduation. Please refer to the internship reports of the students who have finished in the past.

Intership Report #1 (Li X., University Paris-Est Créteil, France)